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Even Skin
No one wants discolored, mottled skin! Brown or red, light or dark, this innovative combination of medical-grade products will tone spots down and even skin up.


1x - Gentle Vitamin C Cleanser
1x - Moisture Complete™
1x - Smooth Clear


1x - Gentle Vitamin C Cleanser  

This vitamin C facial cleanser gently yet thoroughly washes away oil, debris and makeup without excessive rubbing or stripping skin of vital moisture and essential oils. Premium botanicals nourish and refresh the skin for a soft and revitalized glow. Gentle Vit C Cleanser is gentle enough for daily use and suitable for all skin types.

1x - Moisture Complete™

This rich repair cream reduces dry, cracked, flakey skin using a combination of emollient-rich ingredients to help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier from within. Moisture Complete™ is excellent for sensitive skin as well as  after in-office skin treatments. This rich and emollient formulation is oil-free and won't feel greasy on the skin. It can be used day or night.

1x - Smooth Clear

This unique skin lightening cream is formulated to safely and effectively lighten brown spots and improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin. The key ingredients in this product work synergistically to enhance results while decreasing the risk of unwanted side effects. Smooth Clear is available in three different strengths for specific skin-care needs.

$ 175.00

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