Skincare by Dr. Few

Spring Cleaning... for Your Skin

Longer days and sunnier skies are finally here... and it’s time to say goodbye to the grip old man winter has had on your skin. Not sure how to clean up your skin? No worries... We’ve got just the Rx that makes your spring skin cleaning a snap and it's as easy as 1-2-3: 

1. Exfoliate Winter Away 

Nothing wipes winter away better than a physical exfoliating treatment. It’s as simple as massing into the skin twice per week to damp skin to remove dry, dead skin and reveal healthy, younger looking skin. 

Get your glow back with MD Scrub! 

2. Erase Damage with Retinol 

Say goodbye to fine lines and loose skin with a topical retinol—a vitamin A derivative, which stimulates the production of collagen. And more collagen means fewer wrinkles.

Reverse your wrinkles with R●nol 20!

3. Protect Your Skin with SPF

After you clean up your skin and infuse it with the repairing powers of retinol, you’ve got to protect your spring investment. Be sure yours is a full-spectrum block. Elegant, micronized formulations that enhance your skin’s appearance are a bonus! (Oh, and don’t forget to wear your SPF every day!)

Prevent skin aging and damage with Smooth Shade Sunscreen!


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